Perhaps it’s time to move on, dear readers. While I was housekeeping in the form of visiting my various e-mailboxes, I found that two of my earliest and therefore most well-known (at the time) email addresses owned by Yahoo and AOL, have been extinguished. Sure I only visit them a few times a year but alas, it seems I have left them too long unattended.

There goes my address book that was like gold to me, there goes the long and sexy chats I had with … neveryoumind, there goes all sorts of special thoughts and emails that I was saving – from friends who have left and friends who have stayed, among so many other memories. But most sad of all, I have lost my stories, my drafts, feedback, criticisms, praise and the kind words from women who wrote to me from everywhere.  I’m sorry I’ve lost you all. (more…)


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Call for submissions

SINISTER WISDOM: A Multicultural Lesbian Literary & Art Journal

Special Issue Call for Submissions:
Lesbians in Exile
Edited by Joan Nestle and Yasmin Tambiah
Deadline: June 1, 2013.
Anticipated publication date: Spring 2014
Joan Nestle and Yasmin Tambiah are calling for writing exploring the many faces of exile and displacement as seen from a lesbian perspective: the loss of national selves, the loss of known boundaries, the burdens of war, the impact of dislocation, of geographical shifts, and the insights resulting from such changes. We are looking for writing that discusses the more recognized journeys of exile—the loss of national and cultural sites of being—as well as exchanges of known territories for unknown or less familiar ones, such as the movement from a rural world to an urban one or in the other direction. What does it mean to lose a community that has given you life, but one from which you must flee? What do you take with you, what do you leave behind and what becomes transformed through such movement? We also see questions of exile rising in experiences of gender. Perhaps one might say that to be a lesbian, to be queer, is to live in a permanent state of exile, but is this still true? Fiction, memoirs, creative non-fiction, poetry, short essays are all welcome. Our deadline for submissions is June 1, 2013. Please send questions and submissions to
Joan Nestle, born in the Bronx in 1940, lived most of her life in New York City teaching students from all over the world; her own provinciality ended, she hopes, when she met her Australian lover and moved to Melbourne, Australia in 2001. At 72, she is most grateful when she is forced to see with new eyes that which she thought she knew. Co-founder of the Lesbian Herstory Archives, author, editor and writer of 9 books exploring the lesbian body and imagination.
Yasmin Tambiah grew up in Sri Lanka, and lived there before and during the war years. She has spent long periods of her adult life in the USA and Australia, with stints in India, Trinidad and Europe. She is a researcher and writer.

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Welcome Queer India

Check out this easy-to-use Queer bookstore in Mumbai. Queer Ink are going great guns by the look of them.

Thanks to the Guardian for leading me to this anthology, OUT! stories from the new queer India,  from the store.

Queer Ink


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So, Google has settled its copyright case with publishers for g-rights to sell and show digitised books.

Question is, why is the settlement confidential.

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It’s never too late

Unfortunately, it is for some.

or go to this link and this

On a bad day, when I think of C and me in our twilight years, I fear.

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Clear out your mind

Well, Jeanette Winterson is in town flogging her memoir. Some viewers might remember that I saw her a few years ago when she was flogging her then book, The Stone Gods, which I enjoyed reading. JW is an accomplished public speaker and a professional relator. She speaks pretty much the same as she blogs except that she’s going nineteen to the dozen. Woo, pay attention people! It’s always livening to hear an author read, especially when one learns the background to the book and other bits about the author. It was an entertaining and breathless evening with JW. But I had the most fun at dinner at the foreshore, under the Opera House, looking at the Bridge. It was cold and lovely. Will post pics later.

Anyway, as I was getting carried by JW’s words, I caught a shimmer of the ole excitement that made me want to write (yonks ago) and a gentle thirst for reading, well, more. I’m still wafting between genres, mostly non-fiction but all kinds of non-fiction. Sadly, none of my immediate circle are interested in reading.

JW will be joining a panel on Gay Marriage this Saturday.

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This is not the centre of the universe

While I was off fishing and being busy with real life socialness, many things come and gone and will continue to come around again annually; check out Saints & Sinners, the LoneStar Lesfic Festival, GCLS Convention for your lesbian lit fix.

One place that will not be appearing anymore (sad!) is TheSandbox101, a lesfic site where I housed my short stories. It was the only site that had them all. Nancy and Wizzy were mods who welcomed every writer, regardless. For me, Nancy was a brilliant friend and beta reader who supported me unconditionally and who encouraged me to keep on writing. You’re a star, Nancy.

I might move the stories onto another site or leave them offline, haven’t decided yet. But the season has passed and endings are natural.

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