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Go on, you’d love a bit of pork*

I had possibly the best pork chop in all my time in Australia last night. It made me so happy that I’m going to share the recipe for this incredibly simple and lovely dish. Vegetarians, turn away now.

This recipe works just as well with any paillard of meat.

First off, I didn’t use a pork chop cut, they were pork butterfly steaks (free-range, please) with a sexy bit of fat at the sides. Before you ask, Yes, they reminded me of another view.

Other ingredients to assemble:

  • Stale bread – this can be a bun (aka roll), white bread, pita bread … whatever bread you have in the corner –   de-crusted, cut up then blitzed in the food processor into semi-fine breadcrumbs. Old bread is good to use because it is drier, crisps up well. (Substitute with prepacked breadcrumbs or tempura crumbs)
  • Good, matured Parmigiano Reggiano (aka Parmesan) or Grana Padano, blitzed to the same consistency as the breadcrumbs. Use a recent slice of cheese, never buy pre-grated. Get good cheese and you’ll only need to use a little. The Parmesan should be smellable but when cooked, it’ll be subtle.
  • Mix the parmesan and the breadcrumbs together. [Tip: store excess in the freezer. When toasted, the mixture can be used as garnish for a creamy pasta dish or on seared scallops.]
  • Bit of regular flour and milk (separately). You may substitute a beaten egg for the milk.


  • Batter the pork steaks if they are too thick. Thinner steaks mean shorter cooking time and even cooking.
  • Salt and pepper the steaks, lightly coat them in flour, then dip in the milk, then finally in the breadcrumb mixture.
  • Ensure pan is hot to fry on low medium heat with a bit of oil. When the steaks turn brown on both sides, bung them in the oven for about 12-20 minutes @ 180-190 Celsius (sorry, I don’t know the conversion), depending on thickness. Test for doneness before serving. Pork should be firm with a whisper of pink inside.
  • Serve warm, with any veg, and drink red wine with them.

Great, now I won’t need to write the recipe into my book. Enjoy.

*Slogan for Australian Pork Ltd. In Strine, that phrase means um sexual intercourse.


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Art site of the Week

Thanks to Gill’s tip on Meret Oppenheim, I came upon this site – The Roland Collection of Films on Art. It makes available videos on a huge array of art subjects, including writing.  Short clips are viewable on the site. Weekly and annual film licences may be purchased (USD1.99 and USD9.99 respectively). I quite like the video wall.

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Head space body space

Couple of links to views of writing rooms. Wonderfully intimate.

Can you tell I’m jealous? If anyone would like to share their writing space, email me a pic and I’ll put it up, or you can gak the links and add them plus your own pic to your blog. Some of you might’ve done the peek show already.

I’d like to know why you designed your space thus. The Feng Shui aspects would be interesting.

[Edited to add] Link to a Writers’ Rooms site from Vancouver, Canada.  More great pics and commentary.  Thanks, Karina.

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RIP Del Martin

Dorothy L. (Del) Martin, has passed away at the age of 87. Del, along with her partner of 55 years, Phyllis Lyon, was one of the founders of the modern lesbian movement and a lifelong advocate for personal dignity and civil liberties (go read about her achievements).  She leaves behind a legacy of a stronger, prouder lesbian nation that will never go back into the closet.

We’ve lost a hero.

(Thanks L, for the link)

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Heaven for an AIY-gal

Do you have an IKEA store near you? Okay, so it’s not boutique artistic but I love the place. They have such clever, compact designs. Take me there and I’ll browse their aisles till my ankles are sore from walking on the concrete floor, stuff my face with their yummy meatballs and play in the children’s section.

IKEA’s new 2009 catalogue is my Porn of the Week *ogle, fantasise, soon to fondle*

I’m not a DIY or BIY (Build it Yourself) person. Best I can manage is assembling. The last equipment we put together was a bicycle. It’s been sitting outside now for the past 4 months. We haven’t rolled it out, inflated the tyres nor tested any part of it, but boy, can we read instructions. I’ve been told it will have it’s maiden ride before Summer.

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Could writing be a team sport?

Writing is a solitary activity. What we do is between us and the paper (aka the screen) and nothing must come between the transfer of ideas from mind to fingers. When we (writers) ask for feedback, we seek affirmation and criticism – from editors, focus groups, our pets, lovers, the cashier at the grocery store who sees us every other day, the halpless friend who rang up just to have a coffee! And when we can’t write, we’ll talk about it… or space out at inopportune moments like at the dinner party your partner dragged you to so you wouldn’t turn into a blob of flesh melded to your chair. Silly woman, the demon of creativity will be out!

Anyway, the idea for this post came from watching the Os.

More than a third of the 35 sports at this year’s Olympics were team events, with a further nine or ten having a team component. Some sports are naturally team based, but others have created groupings that extend the sport.

Bringing this idea into the writing arena, I ask why don’t we see more author teams? It’s reasonable that some people do better in team environments* – the support, rapport and sociability is instantaneous – but is it possible for writers to collaborate and do so consistently book after book?**  Or is writing an activity best suited for independent personalities only?

I’m sure there are couples who partner on books and have created a successful entity on that, but such pairings are uncommon, and even more unusual when you take away from the list couples who are romantically involved with each other. To go further, if we do do pairings, why not have more than two writers?

Should we encourage team-ups by, say, having awards for collaborations, such as Best Duo or Group in Crime Writing?

All this is to say, if you’re a writer who doesn’t seem to be going it well on your own, perhaps its time to consider prospective partnerships.

* not referring to writing groups where writers support each other’s individual efforts.

** excluding collections of stories, essays and academic writing.

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Diving into history

Matthew Mitcham, an Australian out athlete gets the highest diving score in Olympic history and the gold in the 10m platform event. Go you good thing! *sniffle*

He was apparently the only publicly gay, male athlete in the village.

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