Posthumous acknowledgement, I can haz it?

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There’s an etiquette rule about not talking about sex, politics or religion at the dinner table because they could lead to disagreements, which then leads to indigestion. Or a duel. Or spilling of secrets. And then a duel. In any case, an unappreciated end to the hostess’s efforts.

However, it doesn’t mean one can’t talk about those before and after the meal, so really, dinner is just a recess between discussions, a break for sustenance, a submission to human needs.

Thanks to the US, Zimbabwe, Burma, Russia, Ecuador, Pakistan, the Middle East [why is that region called the Middle East? The Asian continent ends where Egypt starts so, to Asians, the Middle East is actually West Asia] and anyone else experiencing a government lashing, we can’t help but be aware of politics. And increasingly, religion is being pushed up the ladder of needs as a political issue, despite secularism -which most democratic nations profess to uphold- clearly separating the State from religion.

Today’s topic is courtesy of The Church of England through it’s PR guy, Reverend Dr Malcolm Brown. Under the auspices of the current Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams (Dr Williams is apparently friendlier towards the gay and lesbian community than the CoE in general), the CoE is seemingly trying for a moderate path and a new sensitivity. Many apologies have been issued of late from them. The newest, published today, goes to the dead dude, Charles Darwin. He of the evolution of the species, survival of the fittest, natural selection, anti-creationism etc etc.

What would such an apology mean to Darwin? His great great grandson doesn’t think it’s worth a whit. Critics think the CoE apologises too much. I think this acknowledgement has a small sting in the tail because while it recognises the Anglican Church’s bad handling of Darwin’s theories (“Reaction now seems misguided” !), it comes back to the same old chestnut of God stuff being moral i.e. good, and Darwinism i.e. science, is not unless tempered by God-fulness. However, I appreciate the symbolism -what else is there- of such apologies. Now, if only the CoE did something to remove the mix of religion from politics, then could we go back to civil government.

The apology is here, right at the bottom:

The newspaper article about it is here :–8216-ludicrous-8217-apology-Charles-Darwin–126-years-death.html


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