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I don’t know how this melting pot idea works but I’m interested. The Human Rights Arts and Film Festival is coming round again in December.

This year’s programme includes an intimate look at the Dalai Lama’s life.

I’ve been fortunate to see the Dalai Lama at two public teachings. The man has an aura that reaches for like a hundred feet and he brings humility and peace. Even an obstinate fool like me can feel it.

As much as I am leery of organised religion, I know enough to pass an obeisic nod to them. Why do I bother? Well, growing up in the ritualistic feverland of five of the world’s major religions was something I enjoyed when it was about food, fireworks and festivities.

I know that if we celebrated more of each other, we’d accept our differences. By sharing and showing, we strengthen our communities and our identities. This goes for any culture, including queer culture.

Sadly, the expansion of one culture diminishes another in the same space. Pockets of preservation are all that are left and not for very long. I don’t know the answer for what is the right balance. If I did, there would be world peace – for an hour tops.


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Something small

After a lousy day at the office, I had the pleasure of handing to a researcher a free translation tool – Fox Lingo. FL is part of the slew of reference materials I use when viewing non-English language websites. I was astonished she hadn’t tried it before. She said it will save her years of work.

Then, we had pasta and wine and made plans for our European trip in 2010.

What better way to end a Tuesday, eh?

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Quote of the week

“Any woman who calls herself a post-feminist has kept her Wonderbra and burnt her brains.” – Kathy Lette, author of Puberty Blues

I’m ready for flak from this post, gots me an armoured bra.

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I’m sure I don’t have ADS but somedays it’s almost impossible for me to stay on a single line of thought for more than half a minute.

Anyway, not to excuse my lack of posts recently but work has been busy and Sydney weather has conspired to take my mind away from everything. This is the sort of weather we’ve had to endure. Oh, the hardship.

Click here for a panoramic view of Manly cove.

How’s that for a kitchen with a view, eh? BBQs on the right, Sydney Harbour everywhere else.

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One of millions

No, not referring to being gay đŸ™‚ but about being a blogger. I’m a newbie at it but blogging is now old hat at ten years old.

Thanks to Pod People for linking to this column from the Guardian which notes that blogging is still considered, albeit quietly, the bane of professional journalism and an extreme form of self-publishing.

I think blogs are a new media, infotaining media. I read more blogs than websites for the sheer quick exchange of news and comments on topical issues. But I wish I could read non-English blogs. What are the other three quarters of the world talking about?

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Speaking of senses, according to NASA, outer space smells like “steak and metal”.  Gee, who’d’ve thought it smelt like a branding station out there. Who’d’ve thought one could smell anything out there!

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I wish I could sculpt; mold, rend, flex, crush, build, flatten, press, squeeze, stroke, hit, align, guide, break, only to release. Call it, do it, whatever way you want but being able to heft and roll and massage a ‘thing’ in my hand is just wondrous. The sheer ingenious construct of the hand, to bring into my personal space an external item for real consideration…it’s like sex.

Of our five main senses, touch and sound affect me the most. I’m writing about touch because, well, I always write about touch. It is incredibly hard to describe, and yet so inviting to imagine, to do and to share.

The closest I come to working regularly with my hands is when I cook. C can’t understand why preparing mis en place is my happy place. I just love doing it. Cooking is creativity and productivity all in one.

All this is so I can intro art topic of the week – Sculptures.

The NSW Sculptors Society is presenting a series of exhibitions around the city, and I like what I’ve seen so far.

It’s also time for the annual Sculptures by the Sea exhibit set along the Bondi to Tamarama coastal walk. They are a lot of fun. Over the years, the exhibits have become less abstract, more realist, and in recent times, eco-friendly. Most of the ideas are chuckle worthy, many of them are touchable.

Lift Plonk

Lift Plonk by Chi Phan

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