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Out of office

I’m on hols starting tomorrow, viewers. Expect sporadic updates for the next weeks. Toodles.


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Snapshot of aussies

The Australian Bureau of  Statistics has released the results of  the latest census taken in 2006. The report is v long with many interesting bits, as all census/censi? have. Among them are that a third of kids in their 20s are still living at home, women are on par with men in terms of educational qualifications, children of migrant parents are more likely to have higher education and earn more, we have more women than men, religion is less popular (for young and old) and the iGeneration comes of age.

Offiicial summaries and obs here.

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Lit meet in London

Thursday, 5 February 2009, 6-9pm at the Museum of London.

Listen, watch and dance to celebrate the first year of the Write Queer London writing competition. International speakers and performers and prizes.

Entry is free.

Hosted by UntoldLondon and Chroma Journal.

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Top end job

Iceland will have an interim Prime Minister who’s lesbian. Yay!

They’ve had a woman Prez before y’know.

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Happy state to be in

Yay for Queensland. The Sunshine State wants positive changes to laws, to support gay rights.  Perhaps they’re really supporting the PM, who’s from there, or y’know once we got a Federal govt with the balls to do the right thing, it was easy to fall in line. Actually, all states and territories have to amend their laws to ensure that we have the same rights as the straights according to the Same-Sex Relationships amendment acts.

The amendments are throwing up some interesting challenges for bureaucracy and same-sex couples. Policy changes are one thing, but local legislation and red tape assumptions will have to be audited and retraining for staff provided. To be fair, NSW and Commonwealth agencies have been pretty open when it comes to same-sex matters except where the law didn’t provide. As we travel forward with the law on our side, we’re unearthing, even tipping over, sacred cows.

Some of the new issues I’m learning about are states having to amend their Evidence Acts to bring in privileged spousal communication for same-sex couples just as with het couples, registering your same-sex partner and children with Medicare and Centrelink (I’m still to figure these out), and suddenly having your relationship (st8 or gay) being placed in the de facto basket – with legal effects, whether you like it or not (can you say Palimony?) -, Immigration to make allowances for foreign same-sex couples (they already do for half-aussie couples). Tell me, how does one explain same-sex martial status on the passport when travelling to a country that does not recognise same-sex rights?

Sadly though, rosy as the picture looks, it is still not easy for many to come out. The law protects but your family may step away. A recent article from LOTL notes that older lesbians may not take advantage of new benefits because coming out could adversely affect their relationship with their children. And as you know, the older we get the more precious are our family ties.

Plenty to learn, more work to do.

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Double celebration

this year shares the same date as the start of

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Smorgasbord of free e-books

Gold StarAwesome post from Gizmo TSA that is an attempt to collate a list of sites for free e-books. Dude started at 50 but with readers chiming in there’re well over a hundred sites, which means you can read onscreen the rest of your life and never finish, what with new e-books being published every week.

I’m happy to see links to non-fiction and non-English sites.

[Thanks to DA]

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