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SWF 2009, 18-24 May

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The program for the Sydney Writers’ Festival came out on Saturday. This year’s opening guest speaker is Chimamanda Ngozi Aidiche, and later, Germaine Greer pops in for an hour’s lecture on ‘The Australian Way: The Influence of Australia and Australians on British Politics and Politicians’.

I’ll be looking to get in a few sessions this year if I see any I’m interested in, but changes in the prog will and do occur. I like the way they’ve initiated a program strand on the website, by topic rather than scrolling through hundreds of events.

As the festival runs during a workweek, I’d have to take time off. Seems the majority of attendees are seniors and university students. Last year I attended  and met Jeanette Winterson (ooo!) (see this picture – JW was Fit!) so it was infinitely worth it.

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Addendum: Book cover designers – your work is important too.


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Piggy post

Kingsford the Tiny. He’ll grow but for the moment he’s a pocket pig.

[Thanks to Anni for the link]

In Aust, miniature pigs can be gotten from

While we’re here, take a look at a couple of gorgeous baby pot-bellies from Pig-o-my-heart.

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End/start of a rainbow (pt 2)

This guy snapped it before me (my view was rather different). No pot o’ gold but he did win on a lottery ticket.

[from Digg.]

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And now for something completely different

Really really different.  Today, I’m plugging big, hairy sozzled…gorillas. Male gorillas in Rwanda made famous by Dian Fossey and the movie about them.  There are fewer than 700 left.

Look at the pics and tell me they don’t deserve to be noticed 🙂

Courtesy of the Daily Mail (UK) Online and wildlife photog, Andy Rouse.

Aww, they’re beautiful even when hungover. Thanks, Andy Rouse. You can see more pics on Andy’s blog.

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No internets? No TV? What’s that in your hand?

Well, I’ve spent the last few nights dismayed at the graphics display on my laptop that went afuzzy and awry whenever Firefox came on. Wouldn’t you know it, I found the fix (fingers crossed) after I submitted a help request to the manufacturer.

I kept myself entertained in the meantime by desperately reading The Chronicles of Chaos by John C Wright. The first book was a freebie e-book from Tor and it got me hooked!  Annoyed I was that the next two weren’t available in electronic format, and I couldn’t find the second book in many stores. But I did get it eventually and I’ve finished the trilogy. It helped that our subscription TV satellite dish is under repair so plenty of quiet.

The story is wonderfully adventurous and smart and phantastic, and it’s a YA genre.  It has mystery, girl smarts, explosions and growing pains, a grand mix of science, philosophy, theology, magicks and other fields of learning I could never understand. At its heart, it is about five ‘orphans’ trying to escape from a special boarding school. They learn that they are child hostages from Chaos, held captive by pagan gods to stave off a war between Chaos and Cosmos. In learning who they are, they try to return home, but politics, oaths and powers (theirs and the gods) move to ensnare, save and kill them.

A highly entertaining read.

John C Wright’s books are pulished by Tor-Forge/Macmilan

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Lesbian mags straight to your browser

Looking for some serious lesbian journalism? Want lots of pretty pages and women to perve at? Need a dose of  lesbiantainment? Don’t want to pay for a brown envelope in the mail every month? Hate shipping fees?

Some of the best lesbian news magazines today are available to you online. You don’t need special software or any wait time. Some are available for modest subscription fees, others are free to view/download anytime.  Digital editions are all the rage.

CURVE (US) is having a free online view trial for 2 weeks. If you like it, you can subscribe to the web version of the mag and/or in addition to the print version.

LOTL (Aust.) aka Lesbians On The Loose, has been fully online for over a year. A staple of the Sydney lesbian scene, it has expanded to other state capitals and is now LOTL International. Free to Sydneysiders. Subscription online.

BOUND (Aust.) glam sister to LOTL. Subscription access.

CHERRIE (Aust.) a feminist, bi and queer magazine that is really pro-lesbian, started rolling online and in print from day one.

G3 (UK) very hip (does anyone say “hip” anymore?). Clever media embedded. Free issues online and in PDF.

On Our Backs (US) in print, with teasers online.

The chockful You can never have enough.

L.mag (Germany) started in 2010.

Autostraddle (US) girl-on-girl culture, aimed at the younger or web-addicted lesbian.

Honourable mentions:

DIVA (UK) does not have an online edition yet but soooon should, I hope.

GLU (Netherlands/US) Redefining lesbianism. Print only.

Xtra (Canada) and Fridae (Asia). Oh, and SLIT (Aust., print only) because it is outrageous.

I know there are heaps more sites with LGBT content but I’m interested in lesbian periodicals. If you know of others I should add to the list, send ’em along.

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Special sale at Spinifex Press

Spinifex Press is making a special offer .

Until 31 March 2009, you can purchase any titles listed on the Spinifex Press website or listed in their catalogue at 60% discount (excluding freight).

To be a part of this special offer please do the following:

* Go to the website and choose which titles you wish to purchase.

* Email to the titles you wish to purchase and the quantity.

* Include your telephone number and delivery address in the email.

* You will be informed of the freight charge and an invoice emailed to you.

* You will then need to pay by credit card or cheque. When payment is received books will be sent to you.

This is your chance to buy some groundbreaking books at unbeatable prices. All stock needs to be ordered before the end of March. Please pass this on to anyone else whom you think might be interested – friends, schools, libraries, organisations.

Best wishes,

Susan Hawthorne, Publisher

Spinifex Press is an award-winning independent press publishing innovative and controversial books across a wide variety of subject areas for the feminist and lesbian markets.

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