No internets? No TV? What’s that in your hand?

March 26, 2009 at 1:31 am 1 comment

Well, I’ve spent the last few nights dismayed at the graphics display on my laptop that went afuzzy and awry whenever Firefox came on. Wouldn’t you know it, I found the fix (fingers crossed) after I submitted a help request to the manufacturer.

I kept myself entertained in the meantime by desperately reading The Chronicles of Chaos by John C Wright. The first book was a freebie e-book from Tor and it got me hooked!  Annoyed I was that the next two weren’t available in electronic format, and I couldn’t find the second book in many stores. But I did get it eventually and I’ve finished the trilogy. It helped that our subscription TV satellite dish is under repair so plenty of quiet.

The story is wonderfully adventurous and smart and phantastic, and it’s a YA genre.  It has mystery, girl smarts, explosions and growing pains, a grand mix of science, philosophy, theology, magicks and other fields of learning I could never understand. At its heart, it is about five ‘orphans’ trying to escape from a special boarding school. They learn that they are child hostages from Chaos, held captive by pagan gods to stave off a war between Chaos and Cosmos. In learning who they are, they try to return home, but politics, oaths and powers (theirs and the gods) move to ensnare, save and kill them.

A highly entertaining read.

John C Wright’s books are pulished by Tor-Forge/Macmilan


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Lesbian mags straight to your browser And now for something completely different

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  • 1. Ahamed  |  April 22, 2014 at 5:13 pm

    Jase / January 4, 2010I agree which is why I tend not to use them myself, usage of these thnigs by people is mixedtheres the way they could potentially be using it (as as been explained here several times already, to the point of being a real put-off)then theres the way people actually do use them, which is a whole nuther thing entirely.Reply


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