Book read: Landing by Emma Donoghue

April 7, 2009 at 2:14 pm Leave a comment

I have lovely friends, yes I do. They keep me entertained and they send me pressies, yes they do. One of which is a copy of this book by Emma Donoghue.

This not a review review because I suck at writing reviews. This is a note to myself, marking the period when I read the book.

Landing is a romance faced by two women, one a small-town Canadian and the other a high-flying (literally) bi-racial urbanian Irish woman – older and did I mention, urban?, who meet on a plane over the Atlantic and somehow, by chance and a shrug, they strike up real conversations via letters and emails and what ho, fall in love. To the tune of Síle’s sharp friends, breaking up her already stale 5-year relationship and living up to her dead mum’s idealised image, Jude stubbornly defends her town, her tiny museum, her relationship with her sorta ex-husband and the townsfolk while grieving her mother’s quick demise. It’s a craft of push and give as Síle and Jude create themselves into a bearable niche in each other’s lives.

As a city-bred lesbian, I totally empathised with Síle straight away. Love the Irish wit and deprecating honesty.

As someone who has had her share of LDRs, I understood how hard it was for Jude and Síle to work it out.

Emma D is generous with witty, adult dialogue, people observations, enough description to get the lay of each important setting without triteness, great checks on Canadian and Irish lingo, and carrying the soft aches of a transatlantic relationship and the hard issues of migration throughout. There’s a little twist at the end. I love me twists.

Landing is published by Harcourt Books.

Available in print from you-know-where and also as an audio book from BBCAudioBooksAmerica.


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