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Some do it (very) wet

Ladies, ever felt embarassed by the amount of cum you produce during orgasm? Have you been afraid to talk about it? Do you know what is female ejaculation? (I do.)

The helpful people at New Scientist have given us an article with the latest info on female ejaculation. Read and be informed.

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LLF awards 2009

The Lambda award winners for this year were announced on May 28. I’ll post a link to the list later.


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Man Booker Int’l

Canadian short-story writer, Alice Munro, has been awarded this year’s Man Booker International prize.  She is a three time winner of the Man Booker.

[Man Booker prizes ]

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Prop 8 decision: tragedy or springboard?

The Supreme Court of California released their opinion on the challenge to Proposition 8. The decision is 185 pages long and contains technicalities peculiar to that state’s constitution so I shan’t comment on it, except to say that I’m not terribly surprised by the result.

For those not yet in the know, the judges voted 6-1 that Prop 8 is legal and valid, and also voted that the 18,000 same-sex marriages already performed were legal and valid, but not other SSMs. This creates not just a legal anomaly but a chasmic discrimination between certain classes of citizens. I don’t see this inconsistency allowed to exist for long.

However, the justices pointed out that same-sex civil unions are still permitted under California law. But as we know, CUs and Marriage are not the same thing when legislation still gives preference to ‘Married’ couples vs other forms of marital unions/domestic partnerships.

What I feel, though, is relief, because we now have an answer and it makes the road ahead much clearer. The fight isn’t over but the process to the goal has crystalised. For me anyway.

And the springboard? It’s already begun.

The short …

… for the long

… will meet in the middle.

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Hah, we’re a day early for the California Supreme Court’s decision on Prop 8. When the decision is announced at 10am 26 May their time, I’ll likely be asleep.

In the other news, a bill has been introduced in Ca. to declare May 22 Harvey Milk Day.

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I’m attending a few sessions at the SWF starting today. Moments like these, I wonder if it’s worth getting Twitter.

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Pretty post

Night and lights. I like this, especially the one shaped like a giant UFO in the field. Since we watched Angels & Demons on the weekend and I’ve been comic crazy lately, the pics reminds me of ooo moments before a ‘splosion.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

[via Gizmodo]

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