Busted…not busted

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Psst! Wanna buy some anonymity? Yes, you, the blogger over there. Oh, you’re English? I’ll throw in a VPN for free.

From the land that made the paparazzi pests to be endured, the High Court of England & Wales yesterday ruled—courtesy of Justice Eady—that bloggers do not have the right to maintain their anonymity.

“You can be unmasked because blogging is a public activity and you will be accountable,” said Eady J.

“Yes!” The Times UK, applicant, crowed.

“Oh, noes!” wailed millions of bloggers.

In the end, sources of juicy news turned their talents away from The Times, and their newspapers became poorer for it.

Moral of the story – go read this rant from the DailyKos about The Times despicable behaviour and why Eady J is pretty unpopular this week.

Now please excuse me while I register multiple alter-egos.

(Added later)

… Not Busted

Across the Irish Sea, Judge Burgess of the Belfast Laganside Court (a lower court than the High Court) had the good sense to refuse a police application to get notes of interviews from journalist, Suzanne Breen. The police wanted to get material that could have identified members of the Real IRA responsible for killing two British soldiers in March.

In his ruling Burgess focussed on the potential threat to the journalist’s life and that of her family if she had co-operated with the… inquiry…

He said there was a potential threat to the lives of Breen and her family “because the risk is not just real and immediate. It is continuing.”

Burgess also accepted that to grant the order would be a breach of Breen’s rights under the European Convention. Importantly,  materials held by journalists were exempt under the Terrorism Act 2000.  Breen and her editor also made it clear that all relevant information was already in the public domain and that the authorities would not have gained anything useful from them.  The police apparently did not offer any public evidence to support the application. [via The  Guardian]

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