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Six-week writing class in Seattle (Jan-March 2010)

Kelley Eskridge is teaching a six-week class on writing short stories at Seattle’s Hugo House as part of their winter quarter lineup.

Hugo House is one of the premier writing centers in the country, offering classes, residencies and tons of literary events. Hugo House has a national reputation for nurturing new writers and bringing established but lesser-known writers to the attention of a wider audience. These are certainly things that I can get behind, and I’m proud to be a part of it as a teacher.

The class is “The Whole Story.” Here’s the description:

All good stories – those that delight or thrill you, make you laugh or cry — are built from the same fundamental blocks. We’ll explore essential elements of good short fiction: structure, point of view, plotting, character development, description and dialogue. You’ll learn practical techniques like specificity, emotional language, anchor points and narrative grammar that you can use immediately. The class will be a mix of reading, discussion, and writing, as well as an hour-long individual conference with the instructor.

The class will meet Wednesday from 4:00 – 6:00 pm, January 27 through March 3. Registration begins December 1 for Hugo House members, December 8 for non-members.

If you’re a Seattle writer with an interest in short stories, I hope you’ll join me. It’ll be fun, and I’d love the chance to help you with your work.


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Going naked

…in two ways. One is for art for Mardi Gras.  Spencer Tunick is organising another mass nude installation as part of next year’s Mardi Gras exhibition. Titled The Base, you’ll have to be in it.

The other way is way more startling. We’re cutting off our home phone line and living off our mobiles. The home line is hardly used anyway, except for the internet, but with naked dsl home line rental is just a waste. The concept is easy but nobody advised us how traumatic it would be to cut off a facility that has always been around. It’s like not having running water or a fridge. I’ll be nervous till the new wire is put in and I can get online again easily.

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Golden beauty


Our beautiful Shi-Shi


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NSW info night on social security changes for same-sex couples

The NSW Gay & Lesbian Rights Lobby (GLRL), funded by a generous grant from the City of Sydney, is running sessions to increase public awareness of reforms to federal and state laws in relation to same-sex relationships and parental recognition. Their next information session, on social security, is to be held this coming Monday the 30th of November .

Monday 30th November 6.30pm: Social Security

Surry Hills Neighbourhood Community Centre, 405 Crown Street, Surry Hills NSW 2010

Monday 7th December 6.30pm: Parenting

Glebe Town Hall, 160 St Johns Road, Glebe NSW 2037

RSVP for the nights you wish to attend via email: or phone: 9571 5501. For further fact sheets on the reforms, please visit our website

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Book trailer of the year

Not for a particular book but an evocative ad for for the NZ Book Council.

[via Gizmodo]

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Yesterday, temps in Sydney reached above 41 C. I’m still recovering. Imagine heat coming at you from every direction – dry heat, not the wet kind, that feels like you’re in an oven.  The wind was very hot as it blew in from the desert and surrounding stonework gleefully bounced it doubly back at us. Thankfully, a cool change has arrived, but Summer will be here strongly from next week. Tip: never stay in a zinc or brick building when it’s that hot.

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Queer superheroes

Spandex (does that say it all or what?), created by Martin Eden, is a comic graphic book series featuring all gay (and a couple of trannies) superheroes.

He’s fleshing out his characters and invites comments. [via LOTL]

For more queer comix, check out Prism Comics.

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