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Starting anew

Isn’t it brilliant that the whole world gets a free pass to reflect and renew its being, mentally emotionally and in whatever way we have the will to attempt. Some new habits may be born but mainly we’ll be polishing the ones we’re accustomed to. Perhaps I’ll be able to drop some of the useless ones weighing me down, in the new year.

2010, what a big new number. Having grown up in the the 1900s, I’m still gaga over the 2000s. If the first decade is anything to go by, this century could be the sci-fi future we were dreaming about 80 years ago.

And just to show we can never sit on our expectations, summer has been a wash out. I love the cooler, cloudy weather, and even after a few days in the country rained in and keeping company with a bunch of lesbians and no dramas (!), I’m taking it easy and slow and gathering energy for what will be a busy year.

Happy new year, friends and viewers. I wish you wings of  fortitude and optimism to lighten your journey ahead.


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Be a man and come out

Almost missed the news that Gareth Thomas, most capped Welsh rugby player, came out recently. For those who don’t know about rugby, it’s a real testosterone sport – all sweat and blood and muscle and dirt. I’m sure I’ve watched Gareth play, rugby being a big sport in Australia, and I’m happy for him that he’s done something he had to do. The response has been great, he’s happier and his mates  have shown support and maturity that is not normally associated with macho sport.

Of course the sports world is shocked, and of course he and rugby will downplay his sexuality because sport is not about anything other than performance and being a good public role model. And yet straight players will almost always have their families mentioned at events, and gay players will conveniently be lauded as high achievers with nothing more to them.  Coming out is not a one step process but many levels of adjustment. I don’t envy GT what he has to go through, such as not reacting to homophobic comments, and being a stellar player who will now be under even more intense scrutiny less he grabs an opponent just a tad too long. Athletes don’t come out partly because they know their sexuality could overshadow the other love of their life, sport. They would rather sacrifice personal happiness than the pursuit of victory, till the day they retire or feel they have a mountain of achievement that can’t be rocked, to stand on. What’s one more sacrifice in a career of sporting excellence?

Closer to home,  I myself carry frustration that in my chosen sport, being gay is an irritant for the greater sporting bodies.  Therefore, it is with great pride and glee that we participate in events such at the Gay Games and the OutGames, where sport and pride and fun come together. And if you think gay players are frou frou on the field, you really need to come down and watch your local gay league. We are just as fiercely competitive as any straight team – only more stylish.

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Arriba Mexico

Three cheers for Mexico City for sticking to its mandate to keep knocking down barriers against lesbians and gays. After allowing same-sex civil unions in 2007, the local assembly have voted to allow same-sex marriage and the attenuating rights that flow from it. The rest of the world, andele!

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Men in the dressing room

The Rainbow Awards are a new lgbt literary award established a few months ago.  SS reminded me that the results were published recently, but to our disbelief, the second finalist in the Lesbian Novel category was a predominantly gay-male anthology that included three lesbian stories.  Suffice to say, I posted a response to the awards organiser and it wasn’t well received.  Hopefully, the discussion won’t overshadow the other winners in the same category.

Have your say here or better yet, on the organiser’s blog.

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Eats: Vietnamese dishes

It’s been ages since I posted a recipe, so sorry. I’m mourning a batch of wine lost due to recent high and uneven temps in NSW and the presence of my MIL for curbing my culinary hobby.

Anyway, thanks to the wonderful SBS channel (our multi-cultural free tv channel)  who produce great foodie shows, you can watch exciting vietnamese recipes, as selected and prepared by Luke Nguyen.  I’m stoked to finally learn the secrets of this cuisine.

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There’s more than one thing wrong with the GBKs amended settlement

Got this in the mail today. It’s long, and it’s merely a supplmental notice to the original notice. As an author, publisher and interestee in the publishing industry, I feel trapped by this. Goggle gets to set rights and boundaries for using books published not just in the USA, but also Canada, UK and Australia. Huh?! And they will allow at least one author and one publisher from each of those countries as directors. Oh, really? One of each is supposed to represent a whole industry and creative collective? How many directors can we have, who decides and what are their powers? Pfft!

Plus a barrellful of  “we call the shots on your work unless you tell us no” terms which was the problem with the original settlement in the first place. Go read it all here. Still makes me sick. (more…)

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Gone naked

We’ve truly stripped ourselves of our home phone line. After two very quick early morning visits from telco techies, hours of research and 37 minutes waiting for tech support, I can now get online from home again. Whee!

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