Starting anew

December 31, 2009 at 3:20 pm Leave a comment

Isn’t it brilliant that the whole world gets a free pass to reflect and renew its being, mentally emotionally and in whatever way we have the will to attempt. Some new habits may be born but mainly we’ll be polishing the ones we’re accustomed to. Perhaps I’ll be able to drop some of the useless ones weighing me down, in the new year.

2010, what a big new number. Having grown up in the the 1900s, I’m still gaga over the 2000s. If the first decade is anything to go by, this century could be the sci-fi future we were dreaming about 80 years ago.

And just to show we can never sit on our expectations, summer has been a wash out. I love the cooler, cloudy weather, and even after a few days in the country rained in and keeping company with a bunch of lesbians and no dramas (!), I’m taking it easy and slow and gathering energy for what will be a busy year.

Happy new year, friends and viewers. I wish you wings of  fortitude and optimism to lighten your journey ahead.


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