Living Butch: writers wanted

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We invite self-identified butches to share your biographical experiences, the good, the bad and the ugly, of living butch   in written or photo essay form.

We would like to collect and collate our stories and hopefully have an anthology of our writing published in the not too distant future.

We are asking for stories from all generations and locations from within Australia and New Zealand, this includes anyone who does not live here now but has.

We acknowledge the Butches who have gone before us and fought for our right to be out and proud. We would like to give an historical account of our butch history as far back as we can and document changes, for better or worse, up to the present day.

We acknowledge our invisibility in the broader community and want this project to be one of the ways for us to be more visible and provide a sense of community.

We acknowledge our identities challenge the binary gender theory and we like it like that.

Your story could have hundreds of words but we need to limit word counts to 6000 words so we get a good amount of stories for publishing. If you would like to include photos we may have to limit the numbers depending on how many are sent.

The deadline is the end of August 2010. We hope to receive your stories within that time.

Talk to us and send your stories via:


Submit a manuscript that has been edited for accuracy and clarity in communication, as well as proof-read for typos. We will proof-read as well.

Cover sheet with your name, title and word count on it.

Your name must not appear anywhere on manuscript and artwork except for the cover.

MS Word document 2007 or earlier

JPEG file for graphics

Filename should include title of the work

Arial font 12

Double spacing

Please include a cover sheet with the following information:

Legal name; pseudonym if applicable

Contact details: address, phone and email.

The copyright for your story and photos is yours. The anthology copyright belongs to the editors. If your story has been published previously acknowledge this in your reference list.

We were interviewed recently for a story in Sydney Star Observer. See link:

An archive in the United States has asked for a copy of the project once it’s complete.

We are about to pitch to various queer publishers now we are sure there is interest in submitting stories.


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