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July 14, 2010 at 12:54 pm Leave a comment

Lee Lynch, for whom I have boundless admiration, has written another humbly inspiring piece in her bimonthly column at JAW. Lee is a L&G historian by default – she writes contemporary lesbian stories that establish an indelible  sense of time, place and people in a way that reminds you to gently ‘take notice please’ – without intending to claim them as memoirs or, much less, historical fiction.

Aside from her stories, her column, called Amazon Trails, has been running for decades – sometimes moving between homes but always a note to look forward to. The reason I’m highlighting AT in this post is because I’m going to quote a line from it:

Every book a gay person writes about a gay life, every time we come out to a boss – or every time we hide while the bigots win elections – we may think we’re just living our lives, but we’re actually determining our history.

I have friends, gay and lesbian, who will never do the grand gesture of marching, protesting, petitioning or stuff like that yet still live their whole lives as homosexuals, usually in long term relationships. We argue about whether just ‘being’ that way (usually on the quiet) is enough or whether they should do more. Obviously how much one can show depends on each individual situation. But herein lies the truism, if we don’t do then there will be no change.

Many, if not all, of us owe our progressively improving lot to the few who ‘do’.  My question then is if you had nothing to lose, if you were secure enough, would you ‘do’ more? My part answer, for today, is no. If you’ve been ‘not doing’ for most of your life, then having more freedom/less recriminations will not make you change your behaviour. Because you’re used to just ‘being’.


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