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Food goddesses

After our recent holiday which wasn’t short of gastronomical delights, I returned to a, well, more appreciative and laissez faire embrace of “stuff that happens” aka life. One of the things I discovered is that food will always hold a wonderment for me, and travel and eating is a truly enjoyable way to experience any country.

So here I am, catching up on cooking shows on telly while I sort photos. On the box is a colourful but rather insipid series that makes me want to tell the presenter to get some coffee. While I’m here, let me say I detest cooking shows that are set in sterile, blank super neat kitchen studios. They are totally not relatable as a ‘food’ environment for me. At the same time, they shouldn’t have silly stuff in the way of workspace. There’s a time for stylists and designers and a time for the real cook. Speaking of cooks, I prefer recipes from them and not chefs because while the latter are better at presentation, cooks’ recipes are more original (they aren’t restricted by classical training) and totally doable.

There’s still heaps of space for women on kitchen tv that shows them as more than apron-wearers. For lesbians, check out the shops and books of Allegra McEvedy, Cat Cora, Christine Mansfield and Kylie Kwong for a start (I’d love to see this list grow more). Locally, the cooks I respect are Maggie Beer, Anna Gare, Stephanie Alexander and more. With the great resource of the internet, I’m discovering new archives of my cultural cuisine which I thought would be lost, and of the women who are sharing their cooking heritage. Many of these women are first generation english speakers. It is through them that cuisine cultures are being preserved, and with that, the cultural heritage that accompanies them.


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How do you say… but differently

Tip from POD People,  is a link to another online Thesaurus – Wordnik – but one that explains context as well as synonyms. If you’ve ever seen writing from here and here, you’ll know what I mean.

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New Mardi Gras Short Story comp 2011

New Mardi Gras is calling on writers to submit their story for the Mardi Gras Short Story Competition in 2011.

Writers are encouraged to draw inspiration from the competition theme, ‘Home’ for their chance to share in some fantastic prizes, generously supplied by The Bookshop Darlinghurst, The Feminist Bookshop, gay-ebooks, Gleebooks, NSW Writers’ Centre and Sydney Writers’ Centre.

This much loved competition also provides the amazing opportunity for winning authors to have their work published online through gay-ebooks and on the Mardi Gras website, making it a truly International competition!

For full prize details and to download the application form and submit your story, click here.

Closing date for entries: 5pm, 7th January, 2011 (Sydney time)

Word limit: 750 words.

Entry fee: $15/$10 conc.  per story

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In our own backyard

We knew this would happen but I had hoped not to actually see it for myself. Someone, or various someones, is putting up their lesbian ebooks library on torrent sites. In other words, these books are being distributed without authorisation and the writers/publishers of these lesbian novels are losing out on potential sales and royalties.

Come on people, our writers make little enough as it is. Lesbian publishing is a teeny market with teeny returns. Actions like these are really morale busting.

I’m not going to post links to the torrent sites that are hosting these pirated ebooks so don’t ask!

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Imbibing the blue

While clearing out my desk locker, I found a can of Pepsi Blue, years old (wee fyi, I have a fascination with blue coloured food). Pepsi Blue was a new flavour and it was yummier than regular Pepsi methinks. Blue was only available for a short period and I mourned when supply ended. I even wrote to the producers in Australia. Oops, internet sources say the blue colouring agent could be hazardous to health. Perhaps that’s why they pulled it.

Hmmm, it looks like the can leaked its contents, although it looks fine to me – no holes and dry to the touch. There’s still a splash inside. I think I’ll keep it.

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Another ‘what’s wrong with publishing’ viewpoint

Basically, publishing still panders to the minority male readership. According to Lionel (she’s a woman, folks) Shriver, marketing and design is to blame for keeping women’s fiction lowly regarded because pastels and forlorn solitary women on covers can only be selling depressing introspective content about relationship dramas or some such. Does this means that to be taken seriously, we are only allowed neutral sounding titles?

Oh, and apparently women are put off by direct advertising. Ha! Tell that to the women who buy gay male eroticaromance and who keep Harlequin afloat.

While there’s much to be critical of the publishing industry, real examples such as those in the article give much greater insight into the industry than stats, sales figures and editorial guidelines.

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Evecho’s newsy bits

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