Food goddesses

September 27, 2010 at 1:32 am Leave a comment

After our recent holiday which wasn’t short of gastronomical delights, I returned to a, well, more appreciative and laissez faire embrace of “stuff that happens” aka life. One of the things I discovered is that food will always hold a wonderment for me, and travel and eating is a truly enjoyable way to experience any country.

So here I am, catching up on cooking shows on telly while I sort photos. On the box is a colourful but rather insipid series that makes me want to tell the presenter to get some coffee. While I’m here, let me say I detest cooking shows that are set in sterile, blank super neat kitchen studios. They are totally not relatable as a ‘food’ environment for me. At the same time, they shouldn’t have silly stuff in the way of workspace. There’s a time for stylists and designers and a time for the real cook. Speaking of cooks, I prefer recipes from them and not chefs because while the latter are better at presentation, cooks’ recipes are more original (they aren’t restricted by classical training) and totally doable.

There’s still heaps of space for women on kitchen tv that shows them as more than apron-wearers. For lesbians, check out the shops and books of Allegra McEvedy, Cat Cora, Christine Mansfield and Kylie Kwong for a start (I’d love to see this list grow more). Locally, the cooks I respect are Maggie Beer, Anna Gare, Stephanie Alexander and more. With the great resource of the internet, I’m discovering new archives of my cultural cuisine which I thought would be lost, and of the women who are sharing their cooking heritage. Many of these women are first generation english speakers. It is through them that cuisine cultures are being preserved, and with that, the cultural heritage that accompanies them.


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