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Do not zombie-fy

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell has been repealed. Yeehaa!

Obama dude is pretty awesome. I think he does things the right ways – so far he’s set on fulfilling his mandate, he bases his decision on real data and not emotions, he hires specialists for the right positions, and he certainly seems to have greater respect for dignity and diversity. He might need to step up to the crowd and the media more in this age of looping vids and media bites, but overall, although it seems slow going, he’s sticking to his word.

And on that note, I hope you have safe holiday season.



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The bookstore we expected

Right, the big one has taken the next step for its literary aspirations in a move that puts it in the e-book market. For now, the Google eBookstore is a sad looking site that needs a whole lot of work (3 million books is nufink) in terms of content and usability and cross-referencing. While many many formats are provided for, Kindle’s is not.

Sadly for non-Americans, we are still restricted on access because of stupid geographical copyright.

There are many issues at stake here, not least of which is Google’s reach, the issue of public vs private rights, the issue of free literature vs paid content, the issue of electronic dissemination and the issue of how publishers, distributors and consumers use this. But for now, it’s merely a bookstore.  But let’s not forget that Google sits on a massive archive of scanned books and that will one day see the light. In what form is part of negotiations that their eBookstore has brought up again.

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