Old story. New story

January 6, 2011 at 3:31 pm Leave a comment

How’s about I start off the year with a rhetorical philosophy question? Stop rolling your eyes. Because I’m well and happily fed, having imbibed lots of wine and taking it easy the first week of 2011 with a good book in hand, lets me ruminate on pleasures that can safely be publicly shared. Before attempting any serious conversation or thinking, have good food and gentle alcohol at the table and by the end of the repast, when both mind and palate have been satiated, you’ll feel that all is well, if diversely opined upon.

Also because this is my own blog and I can natter on if I want to and you must read this because you fancy me or something.

What do I mean by Old Story. New Story? Well, as a sign of advancing age and maturity – as well as waist size, but that’s not the issue here – I’ve developed or am developing a slow mow into the genre of Non-fiction.  It’s been coming but slower than my TV viewing which has all but forsaken commercial shows in favour of documentaries, from nature and science docos and now to history and biographies, with the odd quiz show thrown in.  The change I came to realise late last year when, after an absence of some weeks, I was catching up on blogs and other current news when it all became too much. Why did I have to continuously chase after reports of events that would hardly affect me, for the sake of interesting conversation? There is so much to learn in today’s world for the future that while I enjoy the process of discovering i.e. reading about, them when does the time come to reflect and really enjoy the experience of personal discoveries? The world is a bloody interesting place and we should go out and see some of it for ourselves when we can. It’s not always about techology and war.

Stories written before I was born but occuring squarely in the 20th Century hold a fascination for me, expecially at this time when we’re still so young in the 2000s. A hundred years ago, the western world was still crawling out of wars, politics was all the rage, upper society was partying punishingly and great inventions were popping up regularly. Machines were taking over our lives, changing society but art was more about propaganda than expression. Middle aged workers and youth were more disgruntled than ever. Same old, some new.

I am reading a collection of  gastro lit from The New Yorker that have appeared through the ages. These stories or columns were published before I was born and yet, through their wonderful writing and gastronomique theme they are easy and engaging. Much like the photography exhibit I went to last week, the story behind a moment is always more interesting than the captured moment itself. Living through the eyes and notes of  writers, especially when written ex tempore or in situ, almost like in a war zone, gives context and therefore perspective and understanding of a time. After all, stories are about understanding a person or persons, a place, a time or an event.

So am I reading an old story or a new one? That depends on where you’re sitting. [via AN]

I’m all deeply thought out for today. I’m off to query this new series about young lesbians getting all angsty and incestuous in Glasgow.


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