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This is not the centre of the universe

While I was off fishing and being busy with real life socialness, many things come and gone and will continue to come around again annually; check out Saints & Sinners, the LoneStar Lesfic Festival, GCLS Convention for your lesbian lit fix.

One place that will not be appearing anymore (sad!) is TheSandbox101, a lesfic site where I housed my short stories. It was the only site that had them all. Nancy and Wizzy were mods who welcomed every writer, regardless. For me, Nancy was a brilliant friend and beta reader who supported me unconditionally and who encouraged me to keep on writing. You’re a star, Nancy.

I might move the stories onto another site or leave them offline, haven’t decided yet. But the season has passed and endings are natural.


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News, updates and links from the lesbian and publishing ‘verse that interest me, my current projects, keeping up with authors and sharing musings on middle-class life, gourmet adventures and comparisons between East/West perspectives. My opinions will likely be linearly logical and gayly bent, as they tend to be.