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Perhaps it’s time to move on, dear readers. While I was housekeeping in the form of visiting my various e-mailboxes, I found that two of my earliest and therefore most well-known (at the time) email addresses owned by Yahoo and AOL, have been extinguished. Sure I only visit them a few times a year but alas, it seems I have left them too long unattended.

There goes my address book that was like gold to me, there goes the long and sexy chats I had with … neveryoumind, there goes all sorts of special thoughts and emails that I was saving – from friends who have left and friends who have stayed, among so many other memories. But most sad of all, I have lost my stories, my drafts, feedback, criticisms, praise and the kind words from women who wrote to me from everywhere.  I’m sorry I’ve lost you all. (more…)


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