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For whom the blog benefits

Well, whoever it is the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) will be following the trail, especially when the trail involves some form of consideration, benefits or compensation.

From an ethics perspective, it is good to declare interests and benefactors that support your blog, if, on the face of it, they may seem to influence posts, particularly posts that endorse a product (or run down competitors).  It adds to your credibility. This move by the FTC has the potential of instituting a whole regulatory regime for blogs and bloggers. I don’t know if the blog world is ready for that. I mean, how far would this investigation go?  How would the FTC enforce the guidelines? What are the guidelines and what jurisdictions apply?

The freedom and the independence of the internet is not as wild as it used to be. With age and consumer control, it has developed it’s own rules of behaviour. Sure, they’re not concretised anywhere and there is no bill of rights governing conduct on the internet, but most well travelled networks and blogospheres will have some rules.  I dunno how effective the FTC’s investigation will be considering the area to be reviewed. I feel a bit sorry for them.

On that note, here’s a timely reminder in a-beginners-guide-to-blogging-ethics-and-strategy.

[thanks to PODPeople]

ETA: The FTC has released convoluted guidelines on when bloggers and reviewers will be tracked down and flogged for not declaring freebies.

[via Wired]


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One of millions

No, not referring to being gay 🙂 but about being a blogger. I’m a newbie at it but blogging is now old hat at ten years old.

Thanks to Pod People for linking to this column from the Guardian which notes that blogging is still considered, albeit quietly, the bane of professional journalism and an extreme form of self-publishing.

I think blogs are a new media, infotaining media. I read more blogs than websites for the sheer quick exchange of news and comments on topical issues. But I wish I could read non-English blogs. What are the other three quarters of the world talking about?

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