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Graphic novel read: (Marvel’s) 1602 by Neil Gaiman

Oh, how I loved comics when I was younger. I would read a week’s worth in a day, then reread the lot over and over again during meals. As I grew older, comics became expensive indulgences. I lost track when Marvel and DC universes were spinning into multi-parallel dimensions and storylines got complicated cross-overs. However, I noticed the artwork got more fantastic.

Over the years, the comic, or graphic novel, scene has developed to other genres, illustrators  and publishers. Marvel and DC aren’t the only names in town anymore.

1602 is an 8 issue storyline by Neil Gaiman, in which he sets a bunch of Marvel characters at the end of the Elizabethian era and the start of the Stuarts, with James VI of Scotland. It was also the early years of exploration to the New World. The cast includes ‘heroes’ popular during the 70s and 80s comic scene. If you are a Gen Z-er, you probably won’t know some of them.

Anyway, Neil Gaiman winds the politics of the period with the clash of the super-powers, somehow keeping each hero and villain intact as we know them. X-men, Dr Doom, Fantastic Four, Dr Strange, Captain America … nice to see Angel was still gay then. The arc of the story is (1) to retrieve the treasure guarded by the Templar Knights which is said to be the most powerful weapon, and (2) patch the space-time continuum that was ripped, while outrunning James VI’s troops and defeating Dr Doom.

1602 is published by Marvel.


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Dog and fish news

The animator of Charles Shultz “Peanuts” gang, Bill Melendez, has passed away [Link to article]. While all I can think about is Snoopy – c’mon, who can resist Snoopy [Here’s Snoopy’s take on being a writer] –  Peanuts contained the sort of truths that only kids and animals will tell you. Long live comics.

Cloned dogs have puppies! It wasn’t too long ago that we thought clones couldn’t reproduce. I hope this lot survive.

Fish news – C went happy shopping for aquarium stuff last night. Maybe I’ll post a new pic.

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