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E-books on the iPhone (pt 4)

I’ve been pretty faithful to iphonebookshelf for mobile reading but it couldn’t handle a couple of badly designed PDFs (not it’s fault), so I’ve decided to give Stanza a whirl now that their beta desktop app is more stable. For the curious,  the eReader app is also on my phone but I haven’t used it yet. I’ve been reading on paper so yeah I’m bouncing between formats. I’ve always got a book or magazine in my pocket.


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Ebooks on the iPhone (pt 3)

So it’s coming to this  – instead of agreeing on a standard format for ebooks, big corps are buying up longstanding applications  with the (possible) aim of  tieing those applications to their own outlets, and charging non-affiliates to use them.

Barnes & Noble own Mobipocket, Amazon has just bought Lexcycle who created Stanza – a popular ap for reading ebooks, including PDB or ereader files,  on the iPhone – when Amazon also has exclusive ownership of access to content on the Kindle, Apple have their own software or take a 30% cut for apps that want to be in their App Store. I think Amazon is buying up Lexcycle so it won’t have to pay a commission to an affiliate for readers who will, in future, buy ebooks from Amazon through Stanza (or worse, charge readers holding space).  So if you want to make it rich, don’t just own IP in hardware or software, create or control a marketplace and make money off tenants and force consumers to use your facilities (ala Paypal on eBay).

I’m still using Bookhelf on my iPhone because I hate to be obliged to use a 3rd party site just to transfer books between laptop and phone. The good news is, the next iTunes update will allow transfer of files between computer and phone without the need for a wireless server.

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Ebooks on the iPhone

(Information correct at time of writing)

I signed up for an iPhone after weeks of research (iPhone vs Blackberry vs WinMob vs Android phone) and was in the labourous process of moving over my personal content when I got stuck at transferring ebooks into the iPhone. Now some might argue that the iPhone isn’t the device for ebooks but I think its the new way of  getting consumers to read. Well, I read e-content everyday and I like my PDA, thanks very much.

I downloaded two free apps, Stanza and ereader, only to find that I couldn’t directly transfer my ebooks from pc to phone without doing it via the apps parent sites over the airwaves. That’s right, I couldn’t use the USB connector to download my books. So I emailed Roxanne of for help and this was her advice. I hope other ebookers using the iPhone find it useful.

Stanza’s latest release from Dec.6 is broken. It will not open Non-DRM Mobipocket eBooks. They are working on it but because it is free they are in no hurry to fix anything. Free is not worth it in this case. I have gotten more support email this last week because of people thinking it is our Mobipocket eBook. I had to send them to Stanza’s support forum to show that the problem is Stanza. My advice, forget the Stanza.

See about iPhone Bookshelf from the Apple App Store. Customers say the $9.99 for iPhone Bookshelf is well worth the money. Here is an article on the comparison of the new eReader application on iTouch-iPhone and the iPhone Bookshelf (half way down the article). But the main advantage of The Bookshelf application is it will read almost every eBook type, except eReader and iSilo for right now, but they are porting both of these types (see note at bottom of their web site). See their web page below, at the bottom “Supported File Formats”,  iSilo just announced their reader is now available for the iPhone-iTouch at the Apple apps store and have a special promo price right now.

The Bookshelf (Mobipocket format), or the eReader or iSilo reader application for the iPhone or iTouch is for standard non-DRM eBooks that can be moved from device to device. As you know, eReader and iSilo are ported to almost ever Smartphone and PDA. Go to the links below and you can see the devices the eReader and iSilo have been ported to. And by the way, iSilo was the first eBook reader application and has been around for 10-15 years. The second one was the Palm Reader that was renamed a couple years ago to eReader. These companies will be around for a very long time and porting theirs apps on any thing that can be a reader.

The Bookshelf:

With any of those three on the iPhone, you just download the eBook from Windows or Mac. It is not difficult. Each of these readers have instructions on how to install or download the eBook to their application on the iPhone.

Hope that helps,


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