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Another (big) ebook retailer

Google has been slowly pushing its ebook marketplace for a couple of years now, but it’s finally decided to have an Aust site. Um, why bother? I already get my books from other countries. However, these are E-books,  a concept most Australians readers  still aren’t enamoured with. Seems we likes ’em physical and we have the bookstores to prove it. We’re also big online buyers. So despite the large price hike to get books here, there’s a middle virtual market for “higher than overseas but lower than bookstore priced books”. Depending on what you’re looking for, one can still head overseas or buy local, albeit a local online store.



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Take 5: Read These Lips, Volume Five – now available

We’re delighted to be here in our fifth year, with a new and stunningly beautiful volume of Read These Lips. As with previous volumes, we will travel through all kinds of stories from lesbians with a point of view. We will discover and rediscover ways in which women connect—through identity, through pleasure or through shared experience—as we continue to relay lesbian experiences through our own literature.

We feel lucky to be able to receive and present more lesbian stories each year and with such variety. In Take 5, we welcome the entertaining and thought-provoking writings of Adrienne Fleming, Angel Propps, Deborah La Garbanza, Doreen Perrine, Elaine Burnes, Gill McKnight, Ina Bak, Joan Annsfire, J.E. Knowles, Lee Lynch, Natasha Carthew, Rachel Green, R.G. Emanuelle and Vanessa Stewart.

The gorgeous paintings in this volume invite you to take a moment to enjoy women and literature, together. The team at RTL wish you good reading.

Take 5 is available as a free e-book from

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Amazon will explode

This just in: Amazon will allow Kindle to be shipped to Australia now (and presumable worldwide later).  I have a sinking feeling in my tummy.

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A bigger marketplace for ebooks, yay!

Barnes & Noble, two steps away from considering voluntary administration, has flung up a new marketing plan that could turn the company around, though maybe not all their brick and mortar outlets.

As noted earlier, B&N bought Fictionwise, an already thriving ebookstore that had used the e-Reader application. Their latest press release announces a partnership with Plastic Logic – makers of tablet e-readers – and also applications for other portable devices as well as a new ebookstore. Dymocks in Australia has had a similar concept instore since 2008 with the iLiad reader except that its premise is limited and the device is horrendously expensive. Unfortunately, B&N are barring Kindles and Sony Readers from using their site. WTF.

B&N haven’t mentioned it but I assume free wi-fi and e-browsing will be available in their stores, and they won’t pull an Amazon control-freak grabback if something goes wrong with your ebook purchase. I also hope purchases won’t be limited to the US and Canada. In other words, they would and should treat ebook purchases as transactions with no strings attached.

Also Plastic Logic has been teasing us with their new tablet technology potential for ages. By the time they actually produce it for the market, I think the cost will be a tad high, and the screen still only in black and white. They better move faster.

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Get yer ebooks here! Extra Extra!

Not an LGBT bookstore but Fictionwise under Barnes & Noble will now meet, and possibly beat, Amazon’s ebook prices.

[via DA]

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