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Editorial services

If you need help polishing that piece of writing, have a look at Sterling Editing for tips and pointers or better yet, professionl editing one-on-one.  SE is founded by Nicola Griffith and Kelley Eskridge.

Why This Is Good For You

Many people who offer editing services have never had a story, essay or book professionally published. They’ve never worked with an agent or publisher. They may have excellent theoretical knowledge — but we believe there’s no substitute for experience.

We are expert writers with excellent editing, teaching and coaching skills. We can help you both improve your writing and meet the challenges of a writer’s life, whether you’re trying to build a career, make a mid-career transition, carve out time from your busy life to work, or understand how the money works.

Our Approach

Our goal is to help your work be the best it can be, and to help you be a better, more productive writer.

We believe that anyone who is willing to work hard can improve their writing skills. Talent can’t be taught, but craft and skills can.

We will always be clear and honest with you about our perception of your work and your strengths and weaknesses as a writer.


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Editorial hoo-haa

A post about what good editors of anthologies do and how much work is involved. Well, it’s interesting to me.

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Looking for red pen-ners

Quartet Press (a new Romance publisher, het – so sorry- but this is a rare call) is canvassing for contract editors.

Quartet Press is currently seeking contractors for our content editor and copy editor positions.

At this time we are searching for individuals with editorial skills interested in working on one to four releases a month as an editor in all genres of romance, women’s fiction, YA, science fiction, fantasy and urban fantasy. Preference for both positions is given to non-authors or to writers not actively seeking publication/pursuing a career in writing, but authors will be considered as well. We are especially seeking editors with interest in working with non-erotic genres such as romantic suspense, historical romance and fantasy, though editors will be asked to acquire and edit across the romance and fantasy genres.

Duties include but are not limited to reading and responding to submissions, contracting books, editing and finalizing manuscripts, communicating with authors, final line editors, other content editors and Quartet press partners about various things such as cover art, excerpts, blurbs, promotion and more. Training and ongoing support will be provided to editorial staff at Quartet Press.

Content editors’ compensation is per word as well as royalty-based pay on ebooks and print books. Residuals are paid quarterly on all of an editor’s backlist. Copy editors’ compensation is per word. Per word compensation for both content editors and copy editors is paid immediately upon receipt of an invoice and completed manuscript.

Interested applicants should email Angela James at with an email containing pertinent experience and qualifications, as well as specifying which position you are applying for.

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