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Nosh galore

It’s almost the middle of the month and I forgot to post about the Sydney International Food Festival in its first year. Truckloads of events are on the calendar, more than one can possibly attend…er… so we haven’t attended any of them. But we are celebrating by exchanging family recipes with friends and exclaiming at the recent Mid-Autumn Moon (Harvest Moon) celebration that the year is almost over. Ah, sweet pastries and hot tea. Stuff to watch the world go by with.


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From west to east

How can you not love being able to do this – have Swiss food one day then Japanese the next. It’s been a culinary weekend *happy sigh* with more on the way, if I’m lucky heh heh

We did our bit to celebrate Swiss National Day by partaking of a lunch buffet. Alas, no sign of a fondue vaudoise nor the irresistible raclette because those were only available for dinner. But after wolfing chunks of poached salmon and inhaling teeny bites of delicate smoked trout, nibbling on eight different salads and charchuterie, even the hot food was a struggle. I thought the spread wasn’t that fantastic, but it had highlights, such as every fish dish, an all-points onion & cheese tart, and a pudding that was like triple fresh cream with a hint of custard. Zomg! on that last one. Pity about the sad cheese plate.

That was yesterday’s lunch. Today, we were told to present ourselves at an out of the way japanese restaurant in a most beautiful suburb. The restaurant was v dark and almost comparably beautiful inside. Unfortunately, lunch was a bit on the small side and the recommended wine didn’t match the food. But our meal was made by one of the top sashimi chefs in the country, so hey, not all bad. This here then is a pic of my meal before it was  consumed.

Koi lunch

Yes, that’s pretty much my entire meal, minus the miso soup which was heavily salted. Pretty chocs followed the bill.

Goldfish chocs

Then we trotted to the pub next door for dessert and nibblies.

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All you can eat

Food, like the weather, is a really popular subject in Australia. Not unsurprising when you think about it because this is a small country in population but we’re major agriculturalists and we depend on the land heavily. Weather affects the land which affects the crops which affects harvest which affects our food prices. Australia is one of the driest countries in the world. As a result, we’ve invented and embraced marvelous water saving technologies and other clever environment-light devices, to bring exceptional affordable produce to the table.

Anyway, October is Good Food Month in Sydney. What better time than mid-spring when people are hungry for entertaining diversions after slow-winter and before summer celebrations. It helps that Sydneysiders are mad about food and we jostle for table supremacy against Melbourne (Melbourne wins, I think). Interestingly, food was probably the only safe public topic in my native country and yeah, we went for it. Add to that the fact that my partner is a Chef – she dots on me 🙂 –  means I get to indulge to my heart’s unmitigated content. Like I need another excuse to dive into the topic.

So here’s a photoplay of Sydney’s love/hate relationship with our chefs to kick off October.

Oh boy.

ETA: Wonderfully, C gave me a beautiful bar of bittersweet choc filled with hazelnuts that I’m going to crack into tonight.

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