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Read an E-book Week

Whoops! Almost missed this announcement.

Read an Ebook Week is here. From 8-14 March 2009, you can download loads of free e-books or buy them at discounted prices from these places. No, they’re not LGBT books, ‘cept for sites such as and Khimairal Ink that give youse free lesbian stories all year round, and nicely packaged too.

[Link from PODpeople]

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Smorgasbord of free e-books

Gold StarAwesome post from Gizmo TSA that is an attempt to collate a list of sites for free e-books. Dude started at 50 but with readers chiming in there’re well over a hundred sites, which means you can read onscreen the rest of your life and never finish, what with new e-books being published every week.

I’m happy to see links to non-fiction and non-English sites.

[Thanks to DA]

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Free e-books from Tor

Tor, a scifi/fantasy publisher, ran a successful e-book giveaway earlier this year. Successful in terms of sales because readers liked what they got and went in search of more.

From what I’ve read, Tor publishes a mix of entertaining spec fic. Sub-genres aplenty for you to choose.

They are back with a new bunch of freebies. Their e-books will occupy you for hours, and the free poster art are greeaat.

You must register to get the e-books. First round released yesterday:

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Free e-book site of the week

You knew I was going to talk about eBooks.

I’m a big fan of e-books because they reduce paper usage and they reach far far far. Nothing against dead tree books – I still buy them – but e-books have so much more going for them. Now if only the manufacturers would work on the universality of their devices, they’d be almost perfect.

There are many many sites giving away free e-books and I’ll be highlighting some as I blog along.

First plug is, of course, for – a site for free lesbian e-books that I co-produce with the support of a righteous team of fabulous lesbians. We produce real books, only in electronic format, and all our books are free. Check us out.

Second plug is for The Project Gutenberg (presumably named after Johannes Gutenberg, father of the modern mechanical printing press who helped democratise the dissemination of information). Founded by Michael Hart, Project Gutenberg aims simply to ‘To encourage the creation and distribution of eBooks.’ Their catalogue has tonnes of free books available online, with stacks more from their partners and affiliates. PG has sister sites in Europe, Scandinavia and Australia (Yes!). Not only do they collate books, they also hold film and music.

Third plug is for e-book site of the week, Diesel ebooks. They’ve handily put together a long list of public domain books in MobiPocket format; over 700 books, mate, and they’re all free. [Diesel is an ebook store]

Why am I talking up free e-books? Because I want people to read, and if handing out freebies gets more people back into reading then I’m all for it.

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