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Book read: Goldenseal by Gill McKnight

I read Goldenseal – all of it – at regular speed, no skipping. It’s a good thing too because I had to slog through the first ¼ of the book but when the action started, I couldn’t put it down.

Art, sleuthing and botany are all elements used to good effect in this book. Gill McKnight can turn on facts, making the story a richer, intellectual pursuit that keeps the reader entertained and in the game.

In Goldenseal, Amy walks right into a spider’s lair when she returns to the valley of her childhood. The people she called family and the lover who left her, are all determined that she should continue the work her indisposed aunt has been doing that is essential to the Garoul community.

As Amy is alternately coddled and wooed by the Garouls, and by one in particular, she tries to shake off the feeling that everyone is hiding something for her, while being very aware that she is being stalked by a predatory entity. By dint of devotion to her aunt and her professionalism, she stubbornly picks apart each veiled action until the truth of the Garouls and her aunt’s whereabouts are revealed. But can she do it while resisting the brooding attraction of Leone and before she herself winds up dead, or worse?

Goldenseal has action, mystery and a prickly heroine who induces serious lust in her lover. All I can say is, Woof!

After the dust settled, I jotted down these criticisms:

1)    For a paranormal story, the beginning was entirely too normal. It was bland and there wasn’t anything that hinted darkly enough that something dramatic might be coming. The writing was sparse, not enough setting/background description – the valley being so beautiful I wanted more visuals. Nobody seemed interesting.

2)    Lots of information repeated, and the repetitions appeared close together. I dislike being nannied so I was glad when the story moved forward faster instead of eddying.

3)  The multiple threads in the storyline were handled exceptionally well.

4)  Amy is too calm for her own good. For someone who knows she’s in danger, she’s just not terrified enough.

5)  Leone is animalistic sexy (grunter v hottie), and unconsciously  funny too, but don’t tell her that.

6) Don’t fuck with Amy.

Goldenseal is the first book in the Garoul series, published by Bold Strokes Books.


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Book plug: Green-Eyed Monster by Gill McKnight

I think this year will see me posting more about stories/books. I’ll try to keep it to only lesbian fics but that depends on who sends me what news!

So this is the second book by Gill McKnight. I read the beta version online and I can tell ya, it’s a hoot. Very clever shenanigans and mixed-upness that could have fallen into kitsch slapstick but doesn’t. I hope the eds retained GM’s witty and bitchily funny style.

Link to publisher’s site here.

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