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Yuri Monogatari #6 launched

JD Glass’s first graphic novel was launched on April 18th. Check out the trailer.

All six books are available from A**z** and from the official Yuricon site.

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JD Glass draws Yuri

Plug for me mate and a really great writer, one who, for me, is part of the next generation of  writers to look out for.

JD Glass‘s books are published by BoldStrokesBooks, but being the multi-talented artist that she is (JD is also a singer/songwriter), she has a new graphic story out as part of Yuri Monogatari 6, from ALC Publishing, the only publisher that celebrates Yuricon fic.

Get new 100% Yuri from Circle UKOZ, Rica Takashima and Eriko Tadeno, and a special side-story from lesbian novelist J.D. Glass’s newest novel “American Goth”! With stories of lesbian love and love, from artists and writers around the world, the award-nominated “Yuri Monogatari” anthology is wholly unique in the world of Yuri.

ALC Publishing – Where the girl (almost) always gets the girl

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