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Win a copy of Skulls and Crossbones: Tales of Women Pirates

and a really fat candle. For those long lonely nights on the ocean…

Here’s the link:

If you were a pirate, what would your pirate name be? Post that here in the comments and PLEASE don’t forget to include your email address (don’t worry, it’s not visible to the outside world) so we can contact you if you win. The contest closes on Thursday March 25th at noon, Mountain Time. We’ll announce the winners on Friday March 26th by 2 PM, Mountain Time. NOTE: ONE ENTRY per person, please.

We have enlisted Jfay, candle artist, to choose the three most imaginative, coolest, interesting, fabulous, groovy pirate names and here’s what you get if she digs your pirate name:

1st place receives an official Skulls and Crossbones pillar candle scented with “Walk the Plank” and a print copy of Skulls and Crossbones. That’s about a $65 value.

2nd place receives a print copy of Skulls and Crossbones and a bag of official SnC scent chips (wax chips shaped like a skull and crossbones scented with “Walk the Plank”–each chip is about 2 inches tall by 3 inches wide). That’s about a $20 value.

3rd place receives an ebook copy of Skulls and Crossbones (in either Mobi or .pdf format) and a bag of SnC scent chips. That’s about an $18 value.

The one bummer: contributors included in the Skulls and Crossbones anthology and their family members are not eligible to win.


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Our stories our lives

As the editor of I say that a lot because I am interested in all aspects of lesbian lives. There isn’t much more I can do except to show you, dear reader, that our publications, like all lesbian publications, are important stones towards build a stronger identity and appreciation of who we are and what we (lesbians) do.  Our lives are much more than genre or, for some,  fantasy but how to find the little things that matter, that contribute towards the lesbian persona of  a woman. It is the sum of our parts that we sometimes have to break down to show that they matter in making the whole.

To remind us that we can be as similar and as wildly different, here’s a talk by Chimamanda Adichie about the dangers of homogeneity in literature.


As an analogy, a quote from this unrelated article which I think underscores the future that will isolate those of us who think queer culture is only acceptable if it’s homogenous.

an ethnically homogenous people who had worked with a common purpose and set of values …were now insular and xenophobic.

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Call for Submissions: Read These Lips, Volume 4 (June 2010)

Read These Lips is a free e-book project dedicated to lesbian literature. In our fourth year, we are inviting submissions to our anthology series.

We seek multi-dimensional literary writings that speak the possibilities of lesbian lives. We feature popular genre as well as cross-genre works.

Submissions are open from 1 November 2009 to 31 January 2010.  Please read our Submissions Guidelines carefully, and our previous anthologies for guidance.

Early expressions of interest are encouraged.

All correspondence to (more…)

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Free lesbian e-anthology, aussie made (No 2)

Follow up to their first Australian anthology in 2008, has released their second collection, entitled Flaunt 2.

Free download (PDF, 2megs) from

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Evecho’s newsy bits

News, updates and links from the lesbian and publishing ‘verse that interest me, my current projects, keeping up with authors and sharing musings on middle-class life, gourmet adventures and comparisons between East/West perspectives. My opinions will likely be linearly logical and gayly bent, as they tend to be.