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Losing space

L&G lives have won and lost quite a bit in 2006. I’m sure next year we’ll see more of the same before we all get full rights. It will take time and energy but I’m positive same-sex rights of being will be more accepted in future.

Last week, we saw New York Senate vote down same-sex marriage, and today, I learnt, via RS, that a stately LGBT bookstore is closing afer 35 years. Lambda Rising, one of the stalwarts of LGBT reads has called it quits for both stores. I hope, as I do with all bookstores, that they will continue as an e-bookstore .


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LGBT and indie bookstores

Thanks to some prodding, I’m compiling a list of independent bookstores that have an online presence – in the event you don’t want to buy from the you-know-who corporates. My personal book shopping style is a bit random, I hop around – buying from authors, publishers, co-ops, online stores as well as the one down the road. Do whichever you’re in the mood for but support writers, and if like me you can, then also support your local lgbt bookstore.

I hope readers find this list useful. I’ll be adding to it  from time to time. If you know of a bookstore that should be included, drop me a line. I’m particularly interested in LGBT bookshops outside the English speaking world, but thanks to the internet there are always other sources. For obvious reasons, this list favours the L in LGBTQ where possible. In some countries, general bookstores are the only place to obtain LGBT books – better some than none.

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LGBT & Friendly Bookstores (potentially hundreds, these are just a few)


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