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Can’t wait for this one

When I wrote about the highly enjoyable film, Caramel, I wished at least half the world could watch it. Years later, I still fondly recall the film. Nadine Labaki, the producer and actor in Caramel, has released another film called Where Do We Go Now? that recently won the people’s choice award at the Toronto International Film Festival 2011. I can’t wait to watch it.


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Movies to watch

Shamim Sharif‘s next film due out soon! I Can’t Think Straight, based on her third novel, is a romantic comedy about two women from different cultures who unexpectedly fall in love. Practically autobiographical.

Shamim’s first film, The World Unseen was adapted from her first novel. Dramatic, that one. Set in rural South Africa during apartheid, it showed a subculture I had heard of but not seen before – Indian and Ceylonese merchants who migrated to South Africa. Lisa Ray (seriously droolworthy…) is too beautiful for words. I, along with the whole cinema of lesbians, mourned the anti-climactic ending but the actors made it a memorable film. Interesting that Lisa and Sheetal Sheth are together again in ICTS.

Caramel, a film by Nadine Labaki, is the best film I’ve seen this year. It is about the women in and around a beauty shop in the poorer side of Lebanon. Warmly funny and tenderly endearing, it will make you laugh in the glow of their friendship. There’s a reason for the title Caramel. A must see. 5 STARS from me. Yes, there is a lesbian in there.

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