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Tea and art

Many years ago, we overnighted in Braidwood NSW on a mistaken assumption it was a large-ish town. It’s not, but it had fresh Devonshire Tea.

If you’re in the Southern Tablelands of NSW, why not pop into  Suzanne Bellamy‘s open day at her studio, from 27-29 November. Not only are her sculptures colourful, but she collaborates on art and text fusion projects (such as Unsettling The Land with Susan Hawthorne) which I, unexpectedly, found to be quite lovely.

Suzanne promises endless tea while you explore her studio, creek and environs.


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Is this us?

Wonder what it would be like seeing this in the elevator at The Standard Hotel?  “Holy…” or “Oh my g…, hey, that’s where this is going too.”

YouTube clip here:

but this is a better resolution:

Marco’s image choices are hilarious, some of them, like the Marshmallow Man and the beauty pageant. The overall clip, and his other works, are modern marvellous.

[via Gizmodo, Marco Brambilla,TEG]

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