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Prop 8 case – tweet by tweet

I don’t use twitter and unfortunately, it looks like the decision to post the Prop 8 hearing on YouTube has been stayed, but you can follow updates on the hearing via several links, including this one and this.

And from our own Prof of Law at CUNY, the writerly Ruthann Robson, is a post on the level of scrutiny the court might employ in relation to the arguments.


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Prop 8 challenge – decision still reserved

The State Supreme Court of CA has postponed it’s decision by a month, till June 3.


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Prop 8 challenge

All eyes will be on the California Supreme Court on Thursday, 5 March 2009, when the court hears oral arguments on the validity of Proposition 8  – the heinous constitutional amendment/revision that would deny recognition of same-sex marriages in California that passed on a public ballot in November last year.

The SFC has an article on the legal arguments to expect and the schedule for the hearing. The Attorney-General has published an opinion. On Monday, the CA state legislature passed a resolution supporting the challenge to Prop 8.  All banners point forward.

Then Americans do this quaint analysis that is part of their jurisprudence – they analyse the political leanings of their judges. From a British Commonwealth perspective, I find this odd because we’re taught to look at the law and study judgements, never the judges. Perhaps this is based on the unshakeable assumption that independence of the judiciary is upheld by the doctrine of the separation of powers, and that the personal character of judges should never be reflected in their rulings. To be found otherwise would be embarrassing.

Watch the proceedings in the Supreme Court on this channel.

Added 10/3/09:  To read the pleadings and hear a podcast of the arguments, go to

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