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The Pulitzer Prize accepts online journalism (pt. 2)

Simon Owens of had this to say about the PPB’s announcement.

Hey, I read your post about the Pulitzer’s decision to open the prize up to online-only news outlets. I got a chance the other day to speak to Pulitzer administrator Sig Gissler for a PBS article in an attempt to nail down which online news outlets would qualify. I also spoke to the editors of Salon, Slate and ProPublica to gauge their reaction to the news (Salon editor Joan Walsh called the Pulitzer board “prissy”):—-but-who-qualifies347.html

Anyway, I thought this was something you and your readers would find interesting.

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The PPB’s broad decision to include newsy online journalism  is not only a nod to the growing reportage available and sought after on the internet but also perhaps a preemptive move to keep in the fold newspapers that have stopped their print persona but kept, even expanded, their online incarnation.

Simon’s article highlights hedging from the powers that be about who are eligible for the awards. PPB are keeping an open mind, but the onus is on the nominee to prove their eligibility.

This attitude seems to be at the heart of many literary organisations’ reluctance to include e-books in their awards – they can’t figure how to make them comply with competition format, e.g.  all submissions must be in hardcopy. Goodness knows making judges read text onscreen is tantamount to torture for some (nevermind that they email, write and network online). Whatever. Lit orgs seem to think that they can’t change the status quo without offending somebody. Damned if they do, damned if they don’t.

Well, dudes, you’re damned IF you don’t do something and quick. Leaving aside the romantic notion of the sensory feedback one gets from print and the unchanging nature of books, organisations that plan to be future relevant need to consider the impact of the internet and electronic formats of reading material. Every year we lose thousands of print readers but the web gains millions of networks. Do the math.

Finally, I’m happy to see that the article brings up the point about non-US based journalists being excluded by the Pulitzer Prize. All I can say is, see this.


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The Pulitzer Prize accepts online journalism

Wonderful that the Pulitzer Prize Board is recognising print and online journalism equally. As long as a US newspaper (print or web) publishes at least once a week, it is eligible for the prize(s). I think this came about from the effect of local bloggers in war-torn countries getting real news out through the internet faster, more accurately and more relevantly than daily English-print newspapers.

It is always gratifying to see quality online writing accepted for consideration along with its older cousin, print, because quality is in the content, not the form. What I don’t get, what I really really don’t understand, is why US literary organisations claim as world class their awards but when you dig into their entry rules, there’s always an eligibility requirement that the nominated author/publisher must be a US resident or registered/incorporated in the US or fulfil some other US based rule.

In this case, it’s even more ironic when the Pulitzer is named after a Hungarian immigrant.

I and many others casually call this the World Series Syndrome (the World Series is a baseball championship tournament which is played, in effect, only by American teams despite the claim). The US seems to hold a fiction about itself as heading the world in all achievements. Perhaps this mentality explains why it expects the rest of the world to play by its rules. GWB, I’m looking at you.

ETA – a literary organisation that proclaims to be the top for lesbian fiction, the GCLS, has opened nominations for this year’s awards. Ebooks are prominently excluded and nominated books must have been available for purchase in the US.  Convoluted and conflicting (not to mention full of typos) judging process explanations and vague genre definitions are posted.  Go have a read.

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