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Call for submissions: Read These Lips, Volume 5 (June 2011)

Read These Lips is a free e-book project dedicated to lesbian literature. In our fifth year, we are inviting submissions to our anthology series.

We seek multi-dimensional literary writings that speak the possibilities of lesbian lives. We feature popular genre as well as cross-genre works.

Submissions are open from 1 November 2010 to 31 January 2011.  Please read our Submissions Guidelines carefully, and our previous anthologies for guidance.

Early expressions of interest are encouraged.

All correspondence to


  • Each submission: Not more than 4000 words per entry. Not less than 500 words, or 1 page, except for poetry or graphics. However, if making two (2) submissions per author per anthology, the word limit is 4000 in total.  Maximum of two (2) submissions per author per anthology.
  • You may submit stories, poetry, verse, graphics…any genre that can be reproduced on paper.
  • Submissions should have a lesbian flavour but may include anything LBTIQ inspired. New work preferred.
  • Submissions should be in MSWord or RTF format or any text file to preserve format, and not in the body of an email.
  • Enclose a short biography, picture and email contact with your submissions.Submissions without biographies will not be considered.
  • Third party sources must be credited.
  • You agree to provide your submissions free of charge to the anthology.
  • You agree to our editing process. For more information see Behind The Curtain at our blog.
  • Accepted entries will not be removed from the anthology once published.
  • We are not responsible for any copyright infringement that may be caused by the use of your submission in our anthologies.

How the anthology works.

Our anthologies are published only in electronic format.

The anthology is distributed via the internet.

It is free to download and to share. It is not for sale.

Authors retain their moral rights, but once a submission is included in the anthology and is published, it cannot be removed.

IMPORTANT: Those who wish to submit to us or host or distribute our anthologies should be aware of our Terms of Use.


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RTL : Writers’ news

I’ve been so busy with bbqs that I forgot to post about a new page we’ve established at Read These Lips’ blog.

We’ve added a page to link to news and updates from our contributors.

Writers:  if you don’t have a website or blog yet, email us your news and we’ll pop them up on there.

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Coming soon

Sweet AftersSweet Afters, the third anthology from Read These Lips.

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Making like a runner stone

Busy with Read These Lips, Volume 3,  pending release this month. We’re close.

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Open for business

Time for this editor to put her pens in her pocket, fish out the moleskin notebook and check out interesting writers for Read These Lips, Volume 3.

New submissions guidelines for our next anthology are up.

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Evecho’s newsy bits

News, updates and links from the lesbian and publishing ‘verse that interest me, my current projects, keeping up with authors and sharing musings on middle-class life, gourmet adventures and comparisons between East/West perspectives. My opinions will likely be linearly logical and gayly bent, as they tend to be.