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Couple of pieces of good news today.

In Mexico City, same-sex marriages have been legalised and the first couples already registered.

Closer to home in NSW, the Registry of BD&M have given up assigning gender in select cases. Norrie could be the first officially androgynous, or non-gendered, resident in Australia. Am waiting for the government to adjust their databases.

ETA: Alas, poor Norrie, whose new gender unspecified status has been revoked. Wonder what they’ll come up with to replace it.


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Prop 8 case – tweet by tweet

I don’t use twitter and unfortunately, it looks like the decision to post the Prop 8 hearing on YouTube has been stayed, but you can follow updates on the hearing via several links, including this one and this.

And from our own Prof of Law at CUNY, the writerly Ruthann Robson, is a post on the level of scrutiny the court might employ in relation to the arguments.

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Arriba Mexico

Three cheers for Mexico City for sticking to its mandate to keep knocking down barriers against lesbians and gays. After allowing same-sex civil unions in 2007, the local assembly have voted to allow same-sex marriage and the attenuating rights that flow from it. The rest of the world, andele!

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Losing space

L&G lives have won and lost quite a bit in 2006. I’m sure next year we’ll see more of the same before we all get full rights. It will take time and energy but I’m positive same-sex rights of being will be more accepted in future.

Last week, we saw New York Senate vote down same-sex marriage, and today, I learnt, via RS, that a stately LGBT bookstore is closing afer 35 years. Lambda Rising, one of the stalwarts of LGBT reads has called it quits for both stores. I hope, as I do with all bookstores, that they will continue as an e-bookstore .

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When MILs strike and other news

My de facto mother-in-law is visiting. For a month. She’s a nice lady, we get along…ask me again in a week. While I’m distracted by this and that, and a tour by the Dalai Lama, this month, I’ll post bits and pieces of interest when I can.

We finally got to watching S6 of the L-word. What did you think of it?

Oh, and I passed the 300th post mark a few ago.

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Very sad for Maine and for all hoomans

Legislation recognising same-sex marriages in Maine was overturned by hateful homophobes.  Sad and angry me. Stupid peoples. Obviously they need to get out more – to other civilised nations that have allowed SSMs and where the population is much happier for not squabbling over this non-issue.

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SSM fight on in Texas

I’m a bit late on this – there is a constitutional challenge in Texas, USA, over a court decision that the state’s ban on same-sex marriage is unconstitutional.  Strangely enough, the case against the ban was prompted by a case of two gay men seeking divorce in Texas. If you know Texas, you’ll know this is huge.

Recently the brave judge in that case, Tena Callahan J, shared some personal insight into how she came to her decision.

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