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Best spot is where the dog’s sitting

I might’ve mentioned that we had a premature spring in August. Well, we’re officialy in Spring now and the weather has held up, and my allergies remind me of this wonderful season everyday. Activites that underscore Spring for me are wardrobe overhauls, pruning the garden, rolling out the barbeque and people smiling more.

At a backyard barbeque today, it was a people and dogs affair. Nothing like small creatures to break the ice and carry conversations. We had a lovely afternoon with lots of food and no washing up, unending chatter and fantastic weather. The dogs patiently waited, as we stepped about, for us to move off before claiming their patch of sun. While humans are waking with the new wood, cats and dogs are settling in for slower warm days. How do two rhythms live under the same roof?


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A little STV fun


Monday here.  Start of a new week and a new month. My favourite month as a matter of fact.  Soon, it’ll be officially Spring for us, and Autumn for the Northern Hemisphere. Can’t wait. We’ve passed our coldest August in 64 years. I’ll bet summer will be a scorcher.

Here’s a YouTube clip, about a minute and a half, that is adult and definitely lesbian, I mean, subtexty *koff*. Bastardised (what else) from Star Trek Voyager

Nothing to do with the changing season at all but torridly funny.

(Thanks to Ann for the link)

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