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Soapie slick lesbians (pt 4)

It’s over. I think it’s over. The five-week lesbian storyline on Home & Away has ended ambiguously with Joey leaving, and Charlie kicking herself for hurting Joey. (Previous post here and here).

The surprise star of this sub-plot is Charlie’s little sister, Ruby, who, after being freaked by Charlie’s lesbo-turn, lectures Charlie to look beyond her own nose and Be-Have for Joey. Alas, the angst of youthful lust and the age gap is too much and Joey contracts for three months of prawn hauling –  possibly hoping that long nights at sea and a hold full of crustaceans will help her get over Charlie – leaving Charlie to contend with winks and phone numbers from landbound lesbians in the ‘hood.

All of this I’m guessing from reading this superhilarious recap by Autostraddle [via Defamer]. Warning – don’t drink while reading.

On another note, I’m tickled to stumble upon a new (to me) lesbiantainment blog at Autostraddle. Someone needs to fill up the obvious lack of a sense of humour in this here place *sound of crickets*

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Soapie slick lesbians (pt 2)

When I wrote about the lesbian relationship developing on Home & Away (an Aussie soap) I didn’t know the sizzly bits would start so soon. Last night, Charlie and Joey had their first kiss – it was sweet. The eds cut out the follow-up lustier one, though. For artistic reasons.

Anyway, turns out it was pretty much a non-event. Ch7 was expecting busloads of fire and brimstone but less than 30 official complaints were logged. Public pashing protesters in Melbourne, in anticipation of the scene being censored, were disappointed but they went ahead with their PDAs anyway. Perhaps it was because earlier last month there was already a teasy lesbo kiss between two girls who could not look straighter.  I don’t know who’s who on the show so I can’t say why they were faux pashing but Charlie and Joey’s scene was sweet enough to make me squirm. And the violins, ooh!

Thanks to the magic of YouTube, here is Charlie and Joey’s first kiss:

Someone has kindly chaptered C&J’s scenes, starting from here:

and the other skanky kiss:

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